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Car batteries: The battery is an essential part of your car

From the purchase of the battery to the boost make sure you have the basics before you hit the road.The battery is an important part of your car. That’s what makes your engine run and what makes the accessories work well. Just like any other part of your car you must take good care of your battery so that everything works properly from heating to air conditioning through the radio. After all, a flat battery can be a real problem or leave you in trouble. Learn more about batteries with these simple buying and maintenance tips from to keep your car’s battery as good as possible.

Basic Info

Dimension is important to buy a battery that is perfect for your car. This will help prevent problems such as severe vibration, damage and battery failure caused by the wrong battery. Check the owner’s manual for the ideal battery size for your car. Cold Start Amps feature measures the amperage intensity your battery needs to start your car in cold weather. Up to twice as much power may be needed to start a battery when the temperature drops, so this point is important to check in for the cold climate. Reserve Capacity factor happens to be often unnoticed by the battery buyers but the reserve capacity rating use to be an important factor.

It happens to measure how long car accessories can run without the engine running which is important for cars with many electrical accessories. The higher the rating, the longer your accessories will work without the engine. Just like the food on the shelves, a battery does not keep its guard forever. The long time a battery remains unused, the more it use to lose its charge and its ability to be recharged. Fortunately, the batteries have a date code which you can verify. Look for batteries that are less than six months old for guaranteed freshness.


Before choosing the warranty for your battery you need to know two important terms, free replacement period at the time of which a faulty battery will be restored without charge. Total period of replacement, during which, the battery will be replaced by a percentage of the purchase price. Once you have chosen the warranty, be sure to check the applicable restrictions. You must always have your copy of the warranty and receipt in a safe place when needed.

Conclusion: Factors that shorten the life of batteries

Batteries typically last 4 to 5 years but there are several factors that can shorten battery life, extreme temperature and especially heat can force the battery. Defective charging system can cause premature failure. Operation of the battery electrical system without the engine running is often responsible for a discharged battery. But do not be worried, if your battery get died then it is not dead forever. You can effortlessly fly over your car for reviving the battery.