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Warning Signs Which Indicate You Need New Tyres

There is an expiry date for everything. Even tires, although it may not be mentioned on the tyres. Tires get old and worn as well. However, many people fail to notice the defects of a tire till it bursts or has some kind of failure.A tire nay look as good as new after months or even years, however do not be fooled. Always take your car to a mechanic or a professional so that they can check the condition of your tires. They will advise you accordingly whether you need new tyres or not. If you live in the UAE and are looking to buy new tyres, check out the Dubai tyre shop. Click here to find more info.

Tires are literally the legs of a car. Without them, a car cannot function properly and it will just be a hunk of metal with fancy technology. Just like you take care of your car, you should take care of the tires as well. Here are a few warning signs you should keep a look out for:

  1. Always keep an eye out for tread depth. Your tires are bound to lose their tread after months or years of continuous usage. You can find gauges which help indicate the tread. However, you can also use the trusted ‘Penny Test’. All you have to do is insert a coin in one of the tread grooves. If Lincoln’s face and hair is visibke, it means that there is not enough tread in your tires.
  2. Nowadays, tires come with added security in the form of tread wear indicator bars. These bars are supposed to be invisible to the naked eye. As the tread of your tires starts to decrease, the tread bars start to show themselves. They always run perpendicular to the tread of your tire. If you notice more than 2 bars visible, it is time to change your tyres.
  3. Problems also tend to appear on the sidewalls. If there seems to be some cracking, bumps or grooves which are visible, it indicates that you should have your tires changed. It indicates that your tires can burst any second, putting your life and your passenger’s life in danger.

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